In this section, you will find resources that can help you a little more in the knowledge of the world of music in general and guitars as an instrument

Music  Sheets:

On Sheetmusicplus you will find more than one million scores of any instrument and any song, some are free and others have to be paid, it also has printable or digital formats, it is a very complete and highly recommended page for musicians and lovers of the music.

Musescore is another sheet music distribution page, on this page we will also find many songs in different instruments, unlike the previous one in this one we find many more free songs than the previous ones and if you are a musical creator on your own, on this page you can upload your songs and their scores.

Video Tutorials:

In a video uploaded to YouTube by GuitarLessons365songs, he teaches how to play in the Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen, a world-famous song that changed the world of rock and it is very interesting to learn to play it in this way, watching videos.

In another very interesting video also related to the guitar, uploaded to YouTube by TrueFire, in which if you are a beginner you could learn some basic guitar chords that any guitarist should know, you will also learn tips on how to play the guitar correctly, it is very interesting to see.

Guitars in General:

If yours are the electric guitars, and you do not know which one to choose we recommend the article in which you will have the top of the best 33 electric guitars according to their quality, their price, their utility and their aesthetics, it is an article of the Guitarfella page, a page that talks about everything related to guitars, both electric and acoustic.

All these resources are useful for anyone who is already in the world of guitars and music and are also useful for people who want to start and still do not know what to do or how to start, so they are expected to be very useful for all and know how to take advantage of them.