Flex Guitars is a blog created by Steve Scott, a professional guitarist, with experience in many bands of different musical styles, so this whole journey has made him have a lot of experience in the musical theme, in the different brands and types of guitar and in the reading of sheet music.

Steve Scott has been in bands recognized worldwide, as a session guitarist, composer, and arranger, as he has more than 10 years of experience in this world of music. From a young age, he began to feel the love for music and especially for the guitar, he enrolled in guitar lessons and little by little he became who he is today with a lot of effort and dedication and studying every day what was being given by their teachers.

In his adolescence, thanks to his talent he was observed by bands which gave him the opportunity to publicly demonstrate who he was and he did it perfectly, that is why many bands were interested in him and he became who he is today.

In Flex Guitars we try to make the best advice and the best recommendations in the whole musical world, giving daily data on instruments, new advances, scores, musical data, and the best merchandise so that everyone who reads this blog has the best information about guitars.

Finally, we always look for our readers to have the best experience in everything they do with respect to music.