The Benefits of Using Fender Play & Other Online Guitar Lessons

If you desire to learn to play guitar in the comfort of your home, online guitar lessons are becoming more popular and effective for beginners.

One of the top resources in the space, Fender Play, has been since 2017 and has plenty of rave reviews. It is essentially an online learning portal where learners can learn to play guitar and other instruments by viewing lessons contained in videos.

Fender Play is designed for absolute amateurs and inexperienced guitar players so it is not an ideal option for experienced guitar players who know several chords and songs.

The benefits listed here are specifically for Fender Play, but most online platforms boast the same or similar advantages.

Cost of Fender Play

It is affordable: costing only $10 per month at the time of this writing. Other online guitar lessons cost around the same.

The first step is to sign up but you should not expect one on one guitar lessons from tutors. Some people sign up for online lessons with expectations of direct feedback from the tutors but you should be aware that lessons are in video format (according to this fender play review, lessons are well organized, clear and easily digestible at a maximum of 20 mins each).

People have started to learn music courses online over the last years and are no longer bothered by traditional music schools. People keep asking themselves how they can learn to play different musical instruments such as guitar, bass, and ukulele online.

This online platform is well suited for amateurs.

Are Online Guitar Lessons Right For You?

Your commitment plays a key role not only with the Fender Play website but also with any other online guitar platform. The time required to learn to play guitar, and other instruments are determined by how committed the learner is. This varies from one learner to the other. Some will take more time and others who will take less-time.

Fender Play online guitar and bass courses are excellent and ensure you are ever-busy throughout the day; it’s up to the learner to remain consistent and continue to learn and understand all the techniques.

Fender Play is Better Than Traditional Music Schools (Hint: No Homework!)

Online platforms are different from traditional lessons because there are no assignments or homework to take with you, unlike traditional schools, which offers assignments and homework that learners have to complete over an agreed period.

The bass and guitar are easy to learn online.

The Fender Play platform is by much better than traditional musical schools. This is because the learners can learn to play guitar online, and at the time, they feel comfortable. You can choose which songs to learn, unlike traditional schools that choose the learning topics on behalf of the learners.

Ease of use

No matter how good an online guitar program is, it has its weaknesses but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The learners can choose the instruments to learn. It may be acoustic, electric guitar, or even bass, and the learner can go on to pick the genre.

Fender Play, for one, is user friendly, and that’s why if a user makes a mistake or changes his/her mind later to learn something different, he or she can switch back any time. At first, beginners can get confused with the available options, but they will not take long to familiarize themselves with those options.

Fender Play online lessons are classified by type and how difficult the level is. Every lesson comes with video instructions and the necessary tools. Guitar tabs are designed for specific lessons.

Lots of Songs

It also offers several tracks from where you can choose from, which termed as the most challenging step and instrument type. There is an addition of new songs every week, so it is unlikely that you will be learning them all. They are really only there for practice.

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