Best PC Programs to Help You Learn To Play the Guitar

Technology has advanced a lot in the past 30+ years since the invention of the computers and the internet. Now, there is not mandatory to have a live face-to-face session with a teacher, but by using computer programs which are able to teach you how to play the guitar and learn fast and skilled.

Thanks to this technological improvement in the teaching system of the world. Reaching the knowledge it I easier every time. Here are some of the best digital programs to learn to play the guitar.

The National Guitar Academy

This website offers various guitar courses which vary from free-of-charge to paid, all according to the difficulty and duration of the course. They currently have “Guitar Fire”, a course which will help you to play with rhythm, musicality, and feeling. It will also teach you some master chords and how to combine them to play the lead guitar.


This is an app for your phone that will teach you how to play the guitar while having fun in the platform, test yourself and try more difficult courses once in a while, and making good use of your time.


Here you will find a few of the best guitar teachers in the whole world right now, and you will be able to learn from them whenever you want. From country-style guitar, to rock, metal, Spanish rhythms, etc, JamPlay gives you all the tools you need to become a pro. The only downside is that is a paid program with monthly or yearly fee tuition.

We are now living in the best technological time our planet has ever had, and it is important for us to take advantage of all the advances and improvements we’ve made. Learning to play an instrument without a live teacher may seem odd, but it’s equally useful to learn by yourself with the help of a digital course.

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